Thanks to everyone who participated in making Shine Music Festival 2023 the absolute best yet!
SunSquabi performing at the Shine Music Festval 2023. Pic is taken from the stage looking out at crowd
Smf23 full 8.17.23
"Thanks for giving me the gift of an accessible music festival. I felt empowered and confident to enjoy the experience on my terms and at my own pace. This is the first time I've ever been able to not depend on a sighted human to enjoy a festival like this. Can't wait for next year!"
- Jordyn C
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About Shine Music

Empowering inclusion and accessibility through music, Shine Music unites people of all abilities and backgrounds in a transformative live music experience. Our innovative blend of traditional festival vibes, comprehensive accessibility measures, and state-of-the-art adaptive technology creates a truly universal space where everyone can revel in the power of music together. Join us in breaking down barriers and shining a light on the limitless potential of a truly inclusive community.

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