Shine Music Festival 2022

Shine Music Festival ADA Sitemap. Description text below image.
Braille and Large Print schedules are available at all Shine Music Info Booths located at entrances 1, 4, 5 and center of park.

All food trucks have been made accessible and have Braille and Large Print menus.

Entrance 1: Corner of Bannock & 14th Ave - Southwest side of park.

This entrance will lead into the upper portion of the Greek Theater. No ADA access to the lower portion of the Greek Theater or into the central part of the park. Use this entrance only if you want to go to the upper bowl of the Greek Theater.

Entrance 2 & 3: North of Entrance 1 off Bannock Street - West side of park.
These sidewalks will lead into the park and lower portion of the Greek Theater. There is no ADA access to the upper portion of the Greek Theater from here but you can access all other areas of the park.

Entrance 4 & 4a: East entrance off Broadway.
This entrance will take you through the vending area of the event. Once you get to the stairs, there are ramps to the left or right to get into the lower section of the park. To access the upper bowl of the Greek Theater, after entering through entrance 4, turn left and use 4a.

Entrance 5: North entrance off Colfax
This is not an ADA entrance.

Entrance 6: West of entrance 5 on Colfax near McNichols building.
East of the McNichols building there is a ramp to get into the main part of the park. No ADA access to the upper portion of the Greek Theater from here.

Please Note: To get to the upper portion of the Greek Theater, you must use entrance 1 or 4a. To get to the lower portion of the Greek Theater, and the main part of the park, you must enter through entrances 2, 3, 4 or 6.


There are two stages that acts will rotate between.
Stage 1: Greek Theater located on the South side of park off 14th Ave.
Stage 2: Off Bannock on the west side of park.

Medical and Security
Medical and Security booths are located on Bannock street.

Food Trucks
Food trucks are located in the center of the park on the walkway between the fountain and the Greek Theater. Each food truck has been made ADA accessible with ordering done at table in front of truck. Each truck has braille and large print menus.

Shine Info Booths
Shine Information booths will be located at entrance 1, 4 and 5 as well as our main booth with merch in the center of the park near the food trucks.

Porta-Potties are located on the Southeast side of park at Broadway and 14th Ave, West side of park on Bannock street, and Northeast side of park at Colfax & Broadway. All stations have ADA porta-potties.

Mile High Spirits House of Funk
Our 21+ area is located south of the 2nd stage, east of food trucks.

Vendors are located on the East side of park off Broadway.

AC Tent
PASCO provided AC tent is located at the south end of the center walkway where the food trucks are located.

Zen Zone
A quieter space with acoustic music is located near the fountain on the North end of the park. The Autism Community Store Sensory Bus will also be located in this area.

Privacy Tent

PASCO has provided a privacy tent equipped with changing table, changing pad, wipes and trash bin. It will be located on Bannock next to the medical tent.