About Shine Music


The Shine Music Festival brings together communities of differently-abled individuals in a space where we can all celebrate in the amazing power of music. Too often, many members of different communities are not given the opportunity to participate fully in live music due to accessibility issues. Shine Music Festival is creating an inclusive space that is tailored to those with differing abilities – from braille menus, accessible pathways, hearing impaired areas, sensory tents and more.

This free concert event will be hosted at the Levitt Pavilion in Denver, Colorado in the summer of 2020. The 14,000-capacity outdoor venue will allow us to create an accessible space to accommodate the needs of all in attendance.

Shine Music is a Colorado non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All proceeds, beyond the cost of the festival, will go towards building a universally accessible playground in the Denver area – encouraging children of all abilities to play together and learn just how alike they are – setting a powerful stage for an inclusive future.


Shawn Satterfield, Founder | President
Without question, live music is my happy place. The community it creates breaks all societal barriers and allows us to come together, despite our differences, and share in the magic that is uniquely created at every show. I’ve seen +600 concerts, +250 different bands, +75 venues in 73 cities, 30 states and 7 countries.

I am President of Mozaro, a full-service web development agency that specializes in enterprise level CMS implementations and website management.

Anthony Johnson | Corporate Sponsorships
Anthony has been instrumental in spreading the word about Shine since he first heard about it. His dedication to finding corporate sponsorships, to keep Shine free for all, helped us secure our acceptance as a PopSocket’s Poptivism Charity.
As someone who loves live music, he is committed to making this event successful.

Diane Overbye, Secretary | Vendor & Sponsorship Manager
I have been a lover of live music and festivals for decades. I enjoy all genres but mostly EDM because it is so upbeat and energizing. I’m currently living with Multiple Sclerosis and have been navigating festivals and concerts using a variety of assistive devices. I feel a strong connection to the disabled community and am very excited to be a part of the Shine team to create an event where people of differing abilities can all feel comfortable and don’t have to deal with common barriers that typical events pose.

I am not able to work due to my illness, but I enjoy crafting, plants, crystals, and going on adventures with my dog Maxwell.

Lindsay Carpenter, Treasurer
After growing up near Chicago, I spent the early part of my career in Boston as a CPA at a public accounting firm. The balance of city and mountain life drew me to Denver where I have since worked in accounting operations for high growth companies across multiple industries. Whether it’s travel, concerts, frolicking in the mountains, or coffee with a friend, I believe happiness lives in experiences. Music has played an especially important, positive role in my life, and I feel its benefits should be experienced by those of all abilities. I’m grateful to contribute my skills to help others enjoy something that has been so meaningful to me.

Erin Sands | Creative Director
My passion for creativity can be traced back to my childhood. Whether I was free-hand drawing pictures of Snoopy and Garfield or performing the entire Grease soundtrack with my older brother, I was always doing something creative, and that creativity has given me a 22-year career as a graphic designer and art director.

I did not come to live music on my own but have been brought into it over the last 20 years of being married to a live music fanatic. I have been fortunate to experience the collective joy that music can bring to thousands of strangers who are moved by it at any given show – thousands singing the same lyrics at the top of their lungs or dancing so hard the world drops away. It is my honor to be a small part of giving that joy to those whose challenges can make it difficult for them to experience live music.

Ethan Beaudoin (aka DJ E) | Event Production
I am a 24-year old Communication and Media Studies graduate. Due to my disability, I have been an active advocate in disability awareness and accessibility. Music brings people together; it’s something that can inspire people to do and create amazing things. As a DJ and entertainer, one of my goals and passions is creating memories and experiences for people. I am very excited to help produce this music festival because I want all people to be able to experience something powerful and create lifelong memories.